Mapping Rythm

On October 11th 1978 the exhibition 間 [Ma]. Space-Time in Japan, designed by Japanese architect Arata Isozaki, opened its doors in Paris. October 11th 2018, The Architecture Theory Chair of the TUDelft commemorated the 40th anniversary of this exhibition with a public seminar in the context of the 4th Intensive Cartographies series: Mapping Rythm. ArtScience students of the Royal Academy of Arts, the Hague, under guidance of artist Cocky Eek and myself, presented our ‘Moments of Ma’ in a revisited performance. Additionally, I gave a talk on the potentials of [Ma] for contemporary architectural practice and education. The records of my lecture 'Moving on, 間 [ma] 40 years after' and our discussion are now online!

Records Lecture: Moving on, 間 [Ma] 40 years after.

Records Public Discussion

Grasping Ma

The experimental process in prepartion towards the performance resulted in the publication Grasping Ma (2021).